What are the benefits eggplant-eggplant nutrition

                                                                        eggplant nutrition

Studies show that poor eggplant nutritional value,
He can eat a hundred grams of it gives the body 29 calories,
It contains small amounts of vitamin C, A, and sulfur,
Iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium,
And grease, starch and protein.

And nutrition experts point out that the black eggplant nutrition contains a greater amount of minerals,
While white eggplant contains a greater amount of starchy materials.

Due to the fact that these nutrients are mainly located on the surface, which is recommended to take skinless eggplant.

One of the main benefits of eggplant mention that generates the urine, so it is advisable to capture suffering urinary calculi,
And is useful for those suffering from diarrhea, dietary fiber it contains eggplant nutrition stimulate bowel movement,
And to organize and emptying waste.

Therefore, we find that a lot of diarrhea to eat raw eggplant that works to stop the diarrhea,
As eggplant is the process of purification of the intestine and helps kill germs and expelled from the body.

Of the most important guidelines that focus on nutrition specialists and public health are:

** Do not eat eggplant, especially with the weak stomach, children and the elderly,
And those who suffer from indigestion, as it is difficult to digest as it takes to digest four hours
There is a long period to be considered in relation to other foods.
Eggplant nutrition
Eat ** eggplant, boiled or grilled better than fried.

Peel ** No, because most of the nutrients are deposited in the cortex over the dough

The most important health benefits of eggplant nutrition

1 - helps reduce blood cholesterol Sawa was boiled or roasted or raw

2 - cures tonsillitis topically roast Clasq, of

3 - tonic because it contains salts and Vaitaminat B1.B2. C

4 - There is talk about its potential in the treatment Busar (suppression of eggplant)
Important Notes.

Must be wary of cooking eggplant nutrition in copper pots and may not be eaten by people with neurological diseases and complain of enlarged prostate and cholecystitis, especially fried.

Immature eggplant contains a substance toxic Alsolanin attention should not be rewarding in the case of non-maturity.

Eat eggplant increases sexual arousal in men and women

Quaoma depression dish mallow,eggplant nutrition they bestow happiness and love between the couple, and is considered one of the most important meals stimulant of strength nationality as they are considered food ideal of love for the expectant mother for being one of the richest food and where there is abundant vitamins necessary to maintain the health of the mother and fetus.

For more feelings of love and passion and sexual energy, multiply, of delicious fish dishes taste, eggplant , the permanent guest at your table, sometimes pickled and other authority Baba ghanoug, doctors assert that eliminates the ED. Increase sexual arousal.

Nutrition experts say: "eggplant nutrition increases sexual arousal in men and women and dealt with on an ongoing basis in the main meals eliminates the frigidity and impotence, due to the great benefits in this regard will be called" fruit of love. "Stimulate excitement centers.

The fiber found in this plant is working to stimulate the centers of excitement in the brain and thus preparing men and women for the exercise of the marital relationship, and even accrue interest full Scientists believe eating boiled or Mthbla, and preferably minority in the oil because it loses a lot of its benefits inflammatory of emotions.

How do you choose the eggplant:

Good to see the fruits, you lose the "family"eggplant nutrition of these fruits and located at the rear of the plant if they are oval or round. Looking for oval - Valmstderh contain the seeds of more and less padding.


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