Do what it feels like to forget ordinary or senile beams?

You enter into a certain room and forget why POST to that place? Have you ever met someone you know, but you forgot his name? Are you looking on many occasions for the car keys or glasses or any other purposes use daily? How can distinguish between normal forgetfulness and the more serious cases that require consulting specialists?

For many, the memory lapses become more common with advancing age, at this stage, the brain creates links less than usual, so you do not back our memories as strong as what it was. We may need a longer time to remember the basic information such as names,senile dates or location of car keys. Explains Anne Vapin, head of geriatric medicine within the Union health centers in Cambridge and a professor of medicine help at Harvard Medical School: «with advancing age, slowing the speed of analysis of information in the brain, do not come back unable to remember the information as fast as we are used to.

There is no doubt that the memory slips be annoying,senile but it does not necessarily portend the imminent problem of dementia, according to the opinion of the Marshall Gadd, assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School.

 The primary factor determining the proportion of repeat those gaffes: «must be an individual pattern made for it. Does it happen several times a week, or once or twice a month? Is the situation differed from what it was five or ten years? Do you make the situation worse gradually? ».

Cause forget fulness
Forget fulness may be a natural part of aging. Memory may result slips are also other cases include the following factors:
• lack of sleep.
• psychological pressure.
• medications that include drugs treat allergies or chronic pain, or urinary urgency or incontinence.
• a lack of vitamin B12.
• a thyroid disorder.
• severe depression and other psychological conditions.

Can handle all of these cases. For example, you can air agenda sleep, and try to breathe deeply or apply other techniques to relieve stress,senile change the dose or type of medicines consumed, eat vitamin supplements, or treatment of a thyroid problem or depression.

When the situation requires a visit to the doctor?
No need to be concerned because of forget fulness daily. But you should contact your doctor while falling at a steady pace memory or deteriorate to affect the daily activities and routine and reflected on the daily performance.

 D say. Marshall: «in the event of the emergence of new cognitive problems coinciding with the decline in memory (problems in the language, organization and visual perception and concentration) or in the event of a change of personal characteristics and behaviors,senile the situation becomes alarming.

If you notice or notice one close to you, none of these changes in your abilities or personality, contact your doctor. You may need to consult a specialist in diseases of aging,senile or a physician neurobehavioral disease, or psychiatrist specialist knowledge of aging to assess your situation.

 Assess the level of tests of memory, attention, language and the ability to problem-solving and other skills. May also be subject to a neurological examination and brain scan with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology in search of any change that could explain why the cognitive dysfunction, such as Alzheimer's disease or vascular disease.

 Delay memory decline
No need to wait for the memory decline without moving any inhabitant. There are two things may initially to maintain mental function with age: a proper diet and exercise.

D say. Marshall: «took place two large studies have shown the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in slowing or preventing cognitive decline with age.senile Mediterranean diet include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, nuts, and fish. Marshall adds: «Several studies have also concluded that the intensification of the exercises, between three and four times a week, may prevent or slow the progression of cognitive decline. These studies suggest that perpetual motion may prevent or slow down brain damage, which paves the way for the emergence of Alzheimer's disease and other causes of dementia.

 Sports is said to protect the brain from damage in several ways, including improving blood flow and protect the blood vessels that feed the brain and reduce the level of stress hormones.

Well, no harm in pursuing mental and social activities. It is true that studies have not yet confirmed the benefits of the game 'Sudoku' and other activities, which trains the brain, but they do not cause any harm inevitably.

 Can challenge the brain through the implementation of various mental tasks and more difficult, such as the transition from the relatively easy crossword puzzles in the daily newspapers to more difficult puzzles senile. Dr. says. Vapin: «It is not enough to follow the activities that we are used to.

Can maintain the strength of perception by learning different things and develop neurological pathways and new knowledge.

We must not forget also the importance of social ties. By watching the film requires deep thought or dinner with friends, you can avoid loneliness and social isolation note that these two factors may adversely the cognitive and physical health and mental health.

5 Tips to Improve Your Memory
Organize things: without the steps that must do it in a note, calendar, or on a smartphone. Allocated funds to put the car keys and glasses and used for other purposes is always placed in easily accessible places.

The deployment of visual signs to remind you of things (such as sticky notes) around the house in order to revive the memory.

 Repeatability: illustrating d. Vapin :forget «If I got to know a new person and you want to remember his name, not only did nod and smile. Even uttered the name of the person within a phrase such as' I was pleased identify you, O Kamal. Contributes to focus on details, such as hair color or a person's career, to remember his name later.

 Get rid of the sources of distraction: Try to focus on one thing at a time.forget Turn off the TV, computer, phone or any other device that may senile distract you from the task carried out.

The division of information: It is easier to remember new information when broken down into small parts. For example, try to save just one part of your friend's phone number at a time. Or read a few pages of a book is difficult. And be sure to absorb the first part of the information before moving to the next part.

 Date: Carry a note or registered to record new information.forget Contributes to record or record information in the consolidation of memory inside.


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