To reduce the difficulties of dealing with teenagers

                                                           dealing with teenagers

Dealing with teenagers;Place the laws and limits of control behavior and then discuss them with their children, and try to ensure their understanding of the reasons behind every law and an end was put, reacts teenagers with parents better when they give them some freedom and Ahaohm to make decisions for themselves, and the feeling sons probability of giving them freedom more about the future than of their commitment, try to be as clear and explicit while handling, dealing with teenagers nor resort to circuitous routes and exploit your strengths cap, may avoid Teenagers discuss important topics with their parents in the case of used fathers methods unfair to deal with various matters relating to the actions of their children, and also that such methods create a lot of arguments for the sons and exacerbate the debate dealing with teenagers.

Select dates exit teenagers out of the house, dealing with teenagers and of course discussed the appointments with them and tell them the reasons for choosing the timing, and give them the field to set up appointments suitable for them, in order to develop a sense of independence and the ability to influence, and can also act in this way to work on respect for children to such limits and not be exceeded, but we must draw attention to the age teenager plays a big role in the selection of a timely manner to him, for example, dealing with teenagers if you have teenagers one in fourteen years old, and the other in the eighth century, of course, must be different dates of all of them, and should not be Fear of compare each of them to other dates, and to make sure that children Suu abide by these appointments, you must put the consequences stemming from overcome, dealing with teenagers but this must be logical and fair consequences.

 Dealing with teenagers

Before the exit teenager out of the house tried to remember deadlines that must be adhered to, dealing with teenagers this in turn increases the strength of the agreement on the appointments, and helps teenager to be bound, but use the method of Lin in the recall, dealing with teenagers and whether the teenager is able to drive a car and used, try to give it a few minutes in excess of the agreed date, to avoid driving at high speed, the consequences and developed in order to apply, try to apply whether sin against, but avoid to be severe and resolute, dealing with teenagers and must also listen to their excuses when for appointments, and open the appropriate domain the laws of causes, and the father should keep in mind that there are some things out of control may occur and work on , and if he continues to breach appointments, work to remind them of the consequences and increased dealing with teenagers.

Possessed teenager along with childlike much of his character, dealing with teenagers and should be careful while dealing with him, and then tried to show him that love him are not subject to any conditions or any actions, dealing with teenagers and that all laws and boundaries that have been developed, dealing with teenagers stemming from love him and fear him.


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