Can a pregnancy with uterine device (copper IUD) use?

uterine device

IUD is a T-shaped Jhazaly,uterine device and will be admitted into the woman's uterus making the difficult enrichment woman's egg and embryo implantation in the uterus.
Uterine device
How does it work?
There are two types of IUDs:

  •  - Paragard (copper IUD):

 Wraps around the copper wire coil around its base, and cause a reaction in the uterus be in the form of inflammation in the wall of the uterus,uterine device making it difficult to fertilize an egg, also attracts white blood cells in response to inflammation is working to spread toxic to sperm.

  •  - Mineral (hormonal IUD):

This type of IUD secretes the hormone progesterone, which changes the nature of the lining of the uterus, making it unsuitable for laying an egg. Also this kind of spirals cause uterine device obstruction to the passage of sperm through the cervix.

Is it possible to get pregnant with IUD use?
Uterine device
 Any method of contraception known until now is not 100% effective, but is characterized by IUD as one of the best effective way, but it is possible to get pregnant even if you are using an IUD, some statistics show that the incidence of pregnancy with IUD use is 1-125 from women that IUD uterine device .

What are the reasons that cause a pregnancy with an IUD?
These are some of the reasons that doctors found convincing to explain what's happening:

  •  - Relegation: The most common reason.  copper IUD tudies have reported that 2-10% of the spirals used slip and they come out of the womb without women being aware, becomes like women not using any contraceptive method at the time uterine device.

  •  - Input wrong: IUD should be installed by a doctor, copper IUD because if not placed properly, it can be a pregnancy or other complications.

  •  - different response: This happens especially those who used the type of Mirena, which secrete the hormone progesterone, as each individual is different from the other in response to the body of hormones, it can respond to every woman differently to the hormone "progesterone," which is produced by the coil, but these cases very rare.

  •  - As people say "everything is possible", copper IUD you and your doctor can do whatever is possible to control the possibility of pregnancy, but it is still possible to happen without a specific reason.

  •  - signs of false pregnancy. You can have false signs of pregnancy, such as: breast pain, nausea, fatigue, mood change, and .

  •  This can happen if Conti are using a type of IUD Mirena because it changes the organizing body for the secretion of the hormone progesterone, so it is quite natural to be absent or stop the menstrual cycle.

  • Is there a way to avoid this?

There are not a lot of things in your hands, but you can do a few things:

  •  - Each screw it sags a fine in the vagina, and you can feel it easily. Make sure there is this thread after each monthly cycle. To do so, put your finger in the vagina to try to Telmusa cervix, which is in the upper part of the vagina and is harder than the rest of the vagina (some women say that it looks like the tip of the nose). You should be able to feel a thin plastic thread hanging from the opening of the cervix.
  • - IUD should be installed by a doctor.
  •  - go to a doctor after 4-6 weeks after installation to make sure it is still in the right place that provides you with protection.

When I go to the doctor?
uterine device
If you suffer from one of these symptoms:
* The absence of the menstrual cycle with the copper IUD, or the presence of severe bleeding from the vagina.
* Abdominal pain Oumgs the sharp, or abdominal pain with sexual intercourse.
* When exposure to diseases that are transmitted sexually, or symptoms of vaginal infection, copper IUD such as abnormal vaginal discharge.
* Feeling ill or having a fever (38 ° C or more)
* You can not feel floss hanging from  copper IUD,uterine device or if the thread is more than usual.


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