How do you deal with lazy colleagues?!

kajjoun - sure each and every one of us in his work Les colleague or associate lazy, of course Btakhtlv grades from one place to another and Btakhtlv also laziness rate of one person to another, sometimes you.

Formation in the valley and your colleagues in the Valley Tani sincere, for example, are you careful about all diligence to accomplish all the tasks required of you to the fullest, and your colleagues Elly them light the lazy "Facebook" and "Twitter", or, for example Light "Solitaire" and plays no holder Mobile and NAZELLES Reggie on "Wat SAP", and Ahan Keda Gayh the deal speak Maakm of how to deal with lazy colleagues.

1 - Balash have their presence is troubling you, quite simply, do yourself a mesh Haifam, let them outside the circle of interest simply because Htisthlk time in thinking that your colleagues lazy in their work much more than the time required for completion of the work, focused on the performance of your business at the best possible picture.

2 - Stay away from raising the slogans of justice, lazy Balash says that mesh of Justice 'I crunched in my job and my colleague length of the day does not work equally and last month we are Monday keep the same salary, simply because Mesh Htistvid need is you Tnkd on yourself and feel aggrieved and thus  frustrated, but say to yourself, "This is an opportunity to show extent Braaty in functional and performance must be grasped."

3 - Do not make your anger control you, if you have dominated the anger of your fellow lazy Haather on your performance course, Pkdh the you Mstvdech need versa lost your temper and burned your blood and also the level of performance dropped lazy.

4 - Beware of the temptation to colleagues about your line manager, but this does not mean to remain silent, but when you tell your boss you formulate wholesale intelligently, for example,lazy go to your line manager and tell him you're finished with 70% tasks required of you, lazy but can not be completed because the colleague " so and so "did not end its part, and leave it to your manager then freedom to act and you have told your boss winner including in the chest and at the same time proved him you are Bmhamk.

5 - Do not follow in their footsteps, often your  lazy colleagues want to become like them, is possible, for example trying Elhaek the talking or in any other way, focused in your job Okhadd of the mind.

6 - do not bear the burden of others, Mesh meaning that your colleagues lazy and you like to accomplish your business فتتحمل the burden of their work .. Each one has his job and is required to be completed You are what you would work or other tasks.

7 - Do not make your colleagues standing obstacle to your success, if your manager noted that the work is not done Watch out for that is you have all the blame, the opportunity came to you reduce you have talked to say that the reason that so and so did not perform his duties, de course lazy, in case you Mpelgch manager by Keda.

8 - took the opportunity to show leadership skills you have, if you can you motivate your colleagues to complete the work Pkdh Htzar in front of your boss in Separate may be your chance to live up to a higher functional level.

9 - Beware of gossip, Mesh meaning you're suffocating from colleagues because of their laziness you speak it with other colleagues, because it will cause lazy endless problems between colleagues and each other lazy.

10 - continue with your colleagues, it may be your colleagues the result of laziness or personal circumstances or concerns, lazy for example, they do not have the ability to regulate their own affairs or organizing their time, and here you can volunteer to help them solve those problems, your experience or your information.

Dealing with any pattern of your colleagues depends largely on the intelligence you in the management of things,lazy all that is required from you a few of calm and a little  lazy communication skills and you will be able to solve any problem.


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