Diseases dealt with ginger

Ginger .Research confirmed that enters in the composition of medicines dilating blood vessels and bronchitis, asthma and insect stings, heart disease, kidney, liver, joint stiffness,

Ginger reduces the chances of cancer relieves , also found that blended with chamomile and linden flower removes headaches, Akhvev, the tension, and reduces the production of pain-causing compounds.
The University of Minnesota study demonstrated that ginger reduces the growth of cancer cells in the colon,

And reduces inflammation, such as aspirin, it contains the strongest natural materials of anti-pain and inflammation, and helps to expand the lungs and reduce phlegm and mucus; helping to breathe normally, and helps to kill cancer cells in the ovary, and helps to strengthen the immune system; as the consumption of a small amount of ginger a day helps to reduce the risk of stroke, and prevents the deposition of fat in the arteries, and reduces sugar and cholesterol in the blood. The research showed that ginger reduces the effect of radiation on humans.

Ginger rids the body of toxins, and reduces the pain of muscles and nerves, to eliminate the weakness take bath ginger warm, put three or four tablespoons table of powdered root ginger with water and then Ngleh, then leave for 15 minutes, then strain the mix, and is added to the water bath which has a lukewarm water, then Nnqa body in the bath for a period not exceeding 25 minutes, as recommended by drinking water before and after it because Ginger emerge amount of fluid from your body is loaded with some of the harmful substances.

Ginger strengthens memory, that confuse ginger ground  and black bean, and kneaded in a kilo honey, taken from a teaspoon on an empty stomach daily with pine nuts and raisins, and to treat headaches Njn ginger ground as much as a teaspoon in a cup of olive oil, and rub it place of pain with drinking boiled ginger with mint and cumin from each teaspoon such as tea.

To adjust the pressure drop or rise boiling drinking ginger sweetened with honey bees morning after breakfast, and in the evening swallow garlic cloves clip with a glass of milk. As for the treatment of Colic Vnakhz a half a teaspoon of ground ginger, and mix in a cup boiled with cumin, then drain and shown and drink. To treat indigestion cook half a kilo of honey, and tend Rgute, then add 50 grams and 25 grams ginger crushed mint, and take a teaspoon after every meal.

The method of treatment insomnia and anxiety Vtkon the beat a cup of hot milk it a quarter of a teaspoon of ground ginger with body fat with olive oil.

And to strengthen the body and control take Zenjbala the diseases Mtahohna and seeding the Mtahohna Islands and sowing celery Mtahohna and forget Mtahohna and of arugula Mtahohna pits in equal amounts, and mix well in a kilo honey, a teaspoon taken after lunch every day.

 Ginger burn fat in the body when eaten directly after the meal, and to get better results with cinnamon, ginger blends.


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