What are the benefits eggplant-eggplant nutrition

                                                                        eggplant nutrition

Studies show that poor eggplant nutritional value,
He can eat a hundred grams of it gives the body 29 calories,
It contains small amounts of vitamin C, A, and sulfur,
Iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium,
And grease, starch and protein.

And nutrition experts point out that the black eggplant nutrition contains a greater amount of minerals,
While white eggplant contains a greater amount of starchy materials.

Due to the fact that these nutrients are mainly located on the surface, which is recommended to take skinless eggplant.

One of the main benefits of eggplant mention that generates the urine, so it is advisable to capture suffering urinary calculi,
And is useful for those suffering from diarrhea, dietary fiber it contains eggplant nutrition stimulate bowel movement,
And to organize and emptying waste.

Therefore, we find that a lot of diarrhea to eat raw eggplant that works to stop the diarrhea,
As eggplant is the process of purification of the intestine and helps kill germs and expelled from the body.

Of the most important guidelines that focus on nutrition specialists and public health are:

** Do not eat eggplant, especially with the weak stomach, children and the elderly,
And those who suffer from indigestion, as it is difficult to digest as it takes to digest four hours
There is a long period to be considered in relation to other foods.
Eggplant nutrition
Eat ** eggplant, boiled or grilled better than fried.

Peel ** No, because most of the nutrients are deposited in the cortex over the dough

The most important health benefits of eggplant nutrition

1 - helps reduce blood cholesterol Sawa was boiled or roasted or raw

2 - cures tonsillitis topically roast Clasq, of

3 - tonic because it contains salts and Vaitaminat B1.B2. C

4 - There is talk about its potential in the treatment Busar (suppression of eggplant)
Important Notes.

Must be wary of cooking eggplant nutrition in copper pots and may not be eaten by people with neurological diseases and complain of enlarged prostate and cholecystitis, especially fried.

Immature eggplant contains a substance toxic Alsolanin attention should not be rewarding in the case of non-maturity.

Eat eggplant increases sexual arousal in men and women

Quaoma depression dish mallow,eggplant nutrition they bestow happiness and love between the couple, and is considered one of the most important meals stimulant of strength nationality as they are considered food ideal of love for the expectant mother for being one of the richest food and where there is abundant vitamins necessary to maintain the health of the mother and fetus.

For more feelings of love and passion and sexual energy, multiply, of delicious fish dishes taste, eggplant , the permanent guest at your table, sometimes pickled and other authority Baba ghanoug, doctors assert that eliminates the ED. Increase sexual arousal.

Nutrition experts say: "eggplant nutrition increases sexual arousal in men and women and dealt with on an ongoing basis in the main meals eliminates the frigidity and impotence, due to the great benefits in this regard will be called" fruit of love. "Stimulate excitement centers.

The fiber found in this plant is working to stimulate the centers of excitement in the brain and thus preparing men and women for the exercise of the marital relationship, and even accrue interest full Scientists believe eating boiled or Mthbla, and preferably minority in the oil because it loses a lot of its benefits inflammatory of emotions.

How do you choose the eggplant:

Good to see the fruits, you lose the "family"eggplant nutrition of these fruits and located at the rear of the plant if they are oval or round. Looking for oval - Valmstderh contain the seeds of more and less padding.


Do what it feels like to forget ordinary or senile beams?

You enter into a certain room and forget why POST to that place? Have you ever met someone you know, but you forgot his name? Are you looking on many occasions for the car keys or glasses or any other purposes use daily? How can distinguish between normal forgetfulness and the more serious cases that require consulting specialists?

For many, the memory lapses become more common with advancing age, at this stage, the brain creates links less than usual, so you do not back our memories as strong as what it was. We may need a longer time to remember the basic information such as names,senile dates or location of car keys. Explains Anne Vapin, head of geriatric medicine within the Union health centers in Cambridge and a professor of medicine help at Harvard Medical School: «with advancing age, slowing the speed of analysis of information in the brain, do not come back unable to remember the information as fast as we are used to.

There is no doubt that the memory slips be annoying,senile but it does not necessarily portend the imminent problem of dementia, according to the opinion of the Marshall Gadd, assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School.

 The primary factor determining the proportion of repeat those gaffes: «must be an individual pattern made for it. Does it happen several times a week, or once or twice a month? Is the situation differed from what it was five or ten years? Do you make the situation worse gradually? ».

Cause forget fulness
Forget fulness may be a natural part of aging. Memory may result slips are also other cases include the following factors:
• lack of sleep.
• psychological pressure.
• medications that include drugs treat allergies or chronic pain, or urinary urgency or incontinence.
• a lack of vitamin B12.
• a thyroid disorder.
• severe depression and other psychological conditions.

Can handle all of these cases. For example, you can air agenda sleep, and try to breathe deeply or apply other techniques to relieve stress,senile change the dose or type of medicines consumed, eat vitamin supplements, or treatment of a thyroid problem or depression.

When the situation requires a visit to the doctor?
No need to be concerned because of forget fulness daily. But you should contact your doctor while falling at a steady pace memory or deteriorate to affect the daily activities and routine and reflected on the daily performance.

 D say. Marshall: «in the event of the emergence of new cognitive problems coinciding with the decline in memory (problems in the language, organization and visual perception and concentration) or in the event of a change of personal characteristics and behaviors,senile the situation becomes alarming.

If you notice or notice one close to you, none of these changes in your abilities or personality, contact your doctor. You may need to consult a specialist in diseases of aging,senile or a physician neurobehavioral disease, or psychiatrist specialist knowledge of aging to assess your situation.

 Assess the level of tests of memory, attention, language and the ability to problem-solving and other skills. May also be subject to a neurological examination and brain scan with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology in search of any change that could explain why the cognitive dysfunction, such as Alzheimer's disease or vascular disease.

 Delay memory decline
No need to wait for the memory decline without moving any inhabitant. There are two things may initially to maintain mental function with age: a proper diet and exercise.

D say. Marshall: «took place two large studies have shown the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in slowing or preventing cognitive decline with age.senile Mediterranean diet include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, nuts, and fish. Marshall adds: «Several studies have also concluded that the intensification of the exercises, between three and four times a week, may prevent or slow the progression of cognitive decline. These studies suggest that perpetual motion may prevent or slow down brain damage, which paves the way for the emergence of Alzheimer's disease and other causes of dementia.

 Sports is said to protect the brain from damage in several ways, including improving blood flow and protect the blood vessels that feed the brain and reduce the level of stress hormones.

Well, no harm in pursuing mental and social activities. It is true that studies have not yet confirmed the benefits of the game 'Sudoku' and other activities, which trains the brain, but they do not cause any harm inevitably.

 Can challenge the brain through the implementation of various mental tasks and more difficult, such as the transition from the relatively easy crossword puzzles in the daily newspapers to more difficult puzzles senile. Dr. says. Vapin: «It is not enough to follow the activities that we are used to.

Can maintain the strength of perception by learning different things and develop neurological pathways and new knowledge.

We must not forget also the importance of social ties. By watching the film requires deep thought or dinner with friends, you can avoid loneliness and social isolation note that these two factors may adversely the cognitive and physical health and mental health.

5 Tips to Improve Your Memory
Organize things: without the steps that must do it in a note, calendar, or on a smartphone. Allocated funds to put the car keys and glasses and used for other purposes is always placed in easily accessible places.

The deployment of visual signs to remind you of things (such as sticky notes) around the house in order to revive the memory.

 Repeatability: illustrating d. Vapin :forget «If I got to know a new person and you want to remember his name, not only did nod and smile. Even uttered the name of the person within a phrase such as' I was pleased identify you, O Kamal. Contributes to focus on details, such as hair color or a person's career, to remember his name later.

 Get rid of the sources of distraction: Try to focus on one thing at a time.forget Turn off the TV, computer, phone or any other device that may senile distract you from the task carried out.

The division of information: It is easier to remember new information when broken down into small parts. For example, try to save just one part of your friend's phone number at a time. Or read a few pages of a book is difficult. And be sure to absorb the first part of the information before moving to the next part.

 Date: Carry a note or registered to record new information.forget Contributes to record or record information in the consolidation of memory inside.


Cooked carrots more nutritious than fresh

Islands of the richest nutrient vegetables, and rivaled any carrots of the other kinds of vegetables and fruits in his riches carotene that the body converts to vitamin A.

 It is an essential source of islands Viaminin, B, and C in particular and Calcium Pectate is a Allbecktin fibers that contribute to lower cholesterol in the blood.

You should note that the islands contain 87 percent of it on the water as well as his riches in mineral salts and vitamins B, C, D and E.

The importance of the islands vary according to the method of eating as fresh carrot considered an important source of vitamin A and potassium, also contains vitamins C and B6, Althiaman, folic acid and magnesium. The cooked carrots is considered an excellent source of Vitamin A and a good source of potassium. It also contains vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium and copper. And give the levels of beta - carotene elevated to the islands attractive orange color.

The few who know that carrots contain lesser amounts of essential oils and starches. It also contains local ingredients and facilitating the stomach and hydrating the body and helps to sleep and to heal wounds.

What must be a good learning it is necessary to chew carrots good for the large quantity of food ingredients it contains. Unlike most types of fruit and vegetables, and contrary to the rule that says that losing cooked food ingredients it contains, is cooked carrots more nutritious than fresh carrots. As the cells in fresh carrots solid wall so difficult for the body to convert more than 25 percent of beta-carotene it into vitamin A, while cooking contributes to defrost in the wall so that nutrients are released and make it easier for the body to obtain.

 Do not forget that the islands is one of the most important sources of beta carotene, which is an important anti-oxidants.

 At the same time, the islands contains other anti-oxidants, but many are unaware that several anti-oxidants are present in vegetables and fruit peels, and thus carrots are losing the crust removed before eating.

Stuffed eggplant rolls

Eggplant stuffed with ricotta and baked in a rich tomato sauce make a delicious vegetarian dinner. Serve with green salad and crusty bread.


2 aubergines, cut lengthways into 0.5cm / ¼ in thick strips
salt and freshly ground black pepper
olive oil, for brushing

For the filling

150g/5oz ricotta
150g/5oz buffalo mozzarella
Pinch freshly grated nutmeg
2 spring onions, finely chopped

For the sauce

250ml/8fl oz extra virgin olive oil
450g/1lb cherry tomatoes, halved
1 garlic clove, crushed
pinch sugar
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preparation method

  • Preheat the oven to 180C/355F/Gas 4.

  • Season the eggplant slices well with salt and freshly ground black pepper and brush with oil.
  • Griddle for a pair of minutes on EACH side in a hot griddle pan, or up to golden-brown grill marks are Formed. Remove from the pan and drain on kitchen paper.
  • For the filling, mix the ricotta, mozzarella, nutmeg and spring onions together in a bowl.
  • Lay out all of the slices of eggplant onto a clean surface. Place about one teaspoon of filling at the bottom edge of Each One.
  • Roll up the eggplant slices, like a cigar, around the filling, then rest em seam-side down on a plate.
  • For the sauce, heat the olive oil in a pan and add the cherry tomatoes.
  • Simmer for 8-10 minutes up to the tomatoes begin to break down.
  • Remove from the heat and stir in the garlic and sugar. Season, to taste, with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Spoon some of the sauce into the bottom of an ovenproof dish.
  • Carefully Place the eggplant rolls, seam-side down onto the sauce and spoon over the rest of the sauce.
  • Transfer to the oven and bake for 12-15 minutes, until, the cheese begins to melt.
  • To serve, spoon the rolls onto plates.


Do not give your child milk and cookies before bedtime

May be caused by sleep disorders, colds, chronic cough, constipation in children, a tradition known as the simple diet meal milk and cookies before bedtime, according to the pediatrician Julie Wei of Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando.

In a clinical study with children, often accents Jolie and her colleagues face the above symptoms, and there was no apparent reason for these common symptoms. The conventional treatments did not help mitigate them. But after analyzing these cases, Dr. Wei reached the conclusion that children's eating habits before going to bed are similar. There is always a collection of dairy products and sweets, which cause gastrointestinal reflux. Often exacerbated the situation when the child is in a horizontal position or dealing with his food improperly. As a result, sleep disorders and show the doctors named this case "disorder milk and cookies."

The experiments showed that the stop to give the baby milk and cookies in the evening can improve his health, and alleviate the annoying symptoms that make it temperamental and volatile and not being able to sleep. F

To reduce the difficulties of dealing with teenagers

                                                           dealing with teenagers

Dealing with teenagers;Place the laws and limits of control behavior and then discuss them with their children, and try to ensure their understanding of the reasons behind every law and an end was put, reacts teenagers with parents better when they give them some freedom and Ahaohm to make decisions for themselves, and the feeling sons probability of giving them freedom more about the future than of their commitment, try to be as clear and explicit while handling, dealing with teenagers nor resort to circuitous routes and exploit your strengths cap, may avoid Teenagers discuss important topics with their parents in the case of used fathers methods unfair to deal with various matters relating to the actions of their children, and also that such methods create a lot of arguments for the sons and exacerbate the debate dealing with teenagers.

Select dates exit teenagers out of the house, dealing with teenagers and of course discussed the appointments with them and tell them the reasons for choosing the timing, and give them the field to set up appointments suitable for them, in order to develop a sense of independence and the ability to influence, and can also act in this way to work on respect for children to such limits and not be exceeded, but we must draw attention to the age teenager plays a big role in the selection of a timely manner to him, for example, dealing with teenagers if you have teenagers one in fourteen years old, and the other in the eighth century, of course, must be different dates of all of them, and should not be Fear of compare each of them to other dates, and to make sure that children Suu abide by these appointments, you must put the consequences stemming from overcome, dealing with teenagers but this must be logical and fair consequences.

 Dealing with teenagers

Before the exit teenager out of the house tried to remember deadlines that must be adhered to, dealing with teenagers this in turn increases the strength of the agreement on the appointments, and helps teenager to be bound, but use the method of Lin in the recall, dealing with teenagers and whether the teenager is able to drive a car and used, try to give it a few minutes in excess of the agreed date, to avoid driving at high speed, the consequences and developed in order to apply, try to apply whether sin against, but avoid to be severe and resolute, dealing with teenagers and must also listen to their excuses when for appointments, and open the appropriate domain the laws of causes, and the father should keep in mind that there are some things out of control may occur and work on , and if he continues to breach appointments, work to remind them of the consequences and increased dealing with teenagers.

Possessed teenager along with childlike much of his character, dealing with teenagers and should be careful while dealing with him, and then tried to show him that love him are not subject to any conditions or any actions, dealing with teenagers and that all laws and boundaries that have been developed, dealing with teenagers stemming from love him and fear him.

Diseases dealt with ginger

Ginger .Research confirmed that enters in the composition of medicines dilating blood vessels and bronchitis, asthma and insect stings, heart disease, kidney, liver, joint stiffness,

Ginger reduces the chances of cancer relieves , also found that blended with chamomile and linden flower removes headaches, Akhvev, the tension, and reduces the production of pain-causing compounds.
The University of Minnesota study demonstrated that ginger reduces the growth of cancer cells in the colon,

And reduces inflammation, such as aspirin, it contains the strongest natural materials of anti-pain and inflammation, and helps to expand the lungs and reduce phlegm and mucus; helping to breathe normally, and helps to kill cancer cells in the ovary, and helps to strengthen the immune system; as the consumption of a small amount of ginger a day helps to reduce the risk of stroke, and prevents the deposition of fat in the arteries, and reduces sugar and cholesterol in the blood. The research showed that ginger reduces the effect of radiation on humans.

Ginger rids the body of toxins, and reduces the pain of muscles and nerves, to eliminate the weakness take bath ginger warm, put three or four tablespoons table of powdered root ginger with water and then Ngleh, then leave for 15 minutes, then strain the mix, and is added to the water bath which has a lukewarm water, then Nnqa body in the bath for a period not exceeding 25 minutes, as recommended by drinking water before and after it because Ginger emerge amount of fluid from your body is loaded with some of the harmful substances.

Ginger strengthens memory, that confuse ginger ground  and black bean, and kneaded in a kilo honey, taken from a teaspoon on an empty stomach daily with pine nuts and raisins, and to treat headaches Njn ginger ground as much as a teaspoon in a cup of olive oil, and rub it place of pain with drinking boiled ginger with mint and cumin from each teaspoon such as tea.

To adjust the pressure drop or rise boiling drinking ginger sweetened with honey bees morning after breakfast, and in the evening swallow garlic cloves clip with a glass of milk. As for the treatment of Colic Vnakhz a half a teaspoon of ground ginger, and mix in a cup boiled with cumin, then drain and shown and drink. To treat indigestion cook half a kilo of honey, and tend Rgute, then add 50 grams and 25 grams ginger crushed mint, and take a teaspoon after every meal.

The method of treatment insomnia and anxiety Vtkon the beat a cup of hot milk it a quarter of a teaspoon of ground ginger with body fat with olive oil.

And to strengthen the body and control take Zenjbala the diseases Mtahohna and seeding the Mtahohna Islands and sowing celery Mtahohna and forget Mtahohna and of arugula Mtahohna pits in equal amounts, and mix well in a kilo honey, a teaspoon taken after lunch every day.

 Ginger burn fat in the body when eaten directly after the meal, and to get better results with cinnamon, ginger blends.

Can a pregnancy with uterine device (copper IUD) use?

uterine device

IUD is a T-shaped Jhazaly,uterine device and will be admitted into the woman's uterus making the difficult enrichment woman's egg and embryo implantation in the uterus.
Uterine device
How does it work?
There are two types of IUDs:

  •  - Paragard (copper IUD):

 Wraps around the copper wire coil around its base, and cause a reaction in the uterus be in the form of inflammation in the wall of the uterus,uterine device making it difficult to fertilize an egg, also attracts white blood cells in response to inflammation is working to spread toxic to sperm.

  •  - Mineral (hormonal IUD):

This type of IUD secretes the hormone progesterone, which changes the nature of the lining of the uterus, making it unsuitable for laying an egg. Also this kind of spirals cause uterine device obstruction to the passage of sperm through the cervix.

Is it possible to get pregnant with IUD use?
Uterine device
 Any method of contraception known until now is not 100% effective, but is characterized by IUD as one of the best effective way, but it is possible to get pregnant even if you are using an IUD, some statistics show that the incidence of pregnancy with IUD use is 1-125 from women that IUD uterine device .

What are the reasons that cause a pregnancy with an IUD?
These are some of the reasons that doctors found convincing to explain what's happening:

  •  - Relegation: The most common reason.  copper IUD tudies have reported that 2-10% of the spirals used slip and they come out of the womb without women being aware, becomes like women not using any contraceptive method at the time uterine device.

  •  - Input wrong: IUD should be installed by a doctor, copper IUD because if not placed properly, it can be a pregnancy or other complications.

  •  - different response: This happens especially those who used the type of Mirena, which secrete the hormone progesterone, as each individual is different from the other in response to the body of hormones, it can respond to every woman differently to the hormone "progesterone," which is produced by the coil, but these cases very rare.

  •  - As people say "everything is possible", copper IUD you and your doctor can do whatever is possible to control the possibility of pregnancy, but it is still possible to happen without a specific reason.

  •  - signs of false pregnancy. You can have false signs of pregnancy, such as: breast pain, nausea, fatigue, mood change, and .

  •  This can happen if Conti are using a type of IUD Mirena because it changes the organizing body for the secretion of the hormone progesterone, so it is quite natural to be absent or stop the menstrual cycle.

  • Is there a way to avoid this?

There are not a lot of things in your hands, but you can do a few things:

  •  - Each screw it sags a fine in the vagina, and you can feel it easily. Make sure there is this thread after each monthly cycle. To do so, put your finger in the vagina to try to Telmusa cervix, which is in the upper part of the vagina and is harder than the rest of the vagina (some women say that it looks like the tip of the nose). You should be able to feel a thin plastic thread hanging from the opening of the cervix.
  • - IUD should be installed by a doctor.
  •  - go to a doctor after 4-6 weeks after installation to make sure it is still in the right place that provides you with protection.

When I go to the doctor?
uterine device
If you suffer from one of these symptoms:
* The absence of the menstrual cycle with the copper IUD, or the presence of severe bleeding from the vagina.
* Abdominal pain Oumgs the sharp, or abdominal pain with sexual intercourse.
* When exposure to diseases that are transmitted sexually, or symptoms of vaginal infection, copper IUD such as abnormal vaginal discharge.
* Feeling ill or having a fever (38 ° C or more)
* You can not feel floss hanging from  copper IUD,uterine device or if the thread is more than usual.

Oil ants hair removal

What is Oil ants :Oil ants contains formic acid, because it is taken from the ant eggs, which is effective in removing hair, and does not cause pimples,Oil ants  but relieves of Zaoralhar with each use until it disappears completely.

Ants in the oil penetrates the skin, what time leads to slow hair growth, and grow in a slower and weaker.
(Oil ants )
How to use:

Put the Oil ants after waxing or sugar. You can put it on the face or body and even on sensitive areas, then massage the Oil ants for 10 minutes until it penetrates into the body,Oil ants  and leave for 4 hours. Repeat this process for 4 days after hair removal.

How do you deal with lazy colleagues?!

kajjoun - sure each and every one of us in his work Les colleague or associate lazy, of course Btakhtlv grades from one place to another and Btakhtlv also laziness rate of one person to another, sometimes you.

Formation in the valley and your colleagues in the Valley Tani sincere, for example, are you careful about all diligence to accomplish all the tasks required of you to the fullest, and your colleagues Elly them light the lazy "Facebook" and "Twitter", or, for example Light "Solitaire" and plays no holder Mobile and NAZELLES Reggie on "Wat SAP", and Ahan Keda Gayh the deal speak Maakm of how to deal with lazy colleagues.

1 - Balash have their presence is troubling you, quite simply, do yourself a mesh Haifam, let them outside the circle of interest simply because Htisthlk time in thinking that your colleagues lazy in their work much more than the time required for completion of the work, focused on the performance of your business at the best possible picture.

2 - Stay away from raising the slogans of justice, lazy Balash says that mesh of Justice 'I crunched in my job and my colleague length of the day does not work equally and last month we are Monday keep the same salary, simply because Mesh Htistvid need is you Tnkd on yourself and feel aggrieved and thus  frustrated, but say to yourself, "This is an opportunity to show extent Braaty in functional and performance must be grasped."

3 - Do not make your anger control you, if you have dominated the anger of your fellow lazy Haather on your performance course, Pkdh the you Mstvdech need versa lost your temper and burned your blood and also the level of performance dropped lazy.

4 - Beware of the temptation to colleagues about your line manager, but this does not mean to remain silent, but when you tell your boss you formulate wholesale intelligently, for example,lazy go to your line manager and tell him you're finished with 70% tasks required of you, lazy but can not be completed because the colleague " so and so "did not end its part, and leave it to your manager then freedom to act and you have told your boss winner including in the chest and at the same time proved him you are Bmhamk.

5 - Do not follow in their footsteps, often your  lazy colleagues want to become like them, is possible, for example trying Elhaek the talking or in any other way, focused in your job Okhadd of the mind.

6 - do not bear the burden of others, Mesh meaning that your colleagues lazy and you like to accomplish your business فتتحمل the burden of their work .. Each one has his job and is required to be completed You are what you would work or other tasks.

7 - Do not make your colleagues standing obstacle to your success, if your manager noted that the work is not done Watch out for that is you have all the blame, the opportunity came to you reduce you have talked to say that the reason that so and so did not perform his duties, de course lazy, in case you Mpelgch manager by Keda.

8 - took the opportunity to show leadership skills you have, if you can you motivate your colleagues to complete the work Pkdh Htzar in front of your boss in Separate may be your chance to live up to a higher functional level.

9 - Beware of gossip, Mesh meaning you're suffocating from colleagues because of their laziness you speak it with other colleagues, because it will cause lazy endless problems between colleagues and each other lazy.

10 - continue with your colleagues, it may be your colleagues the result of laziness or personal circumstances or concerns, lazy for example, they do not have the ability to regulate their own affairs or organizing their time, and here you can volunteer to help them solve those problems, your experience or your information.

Dealing with any pattern of your colleagues depends largely on the intelligence you in the management of things,lazy all that is required from you a few of calm and a little  lazy communication skills and you will be able to solve any problem.

Helpful tips to get rid of Frequency

There are those who feel that power,(Frequency) always late in giving his opinion or take decisions for fear of hesitation or reversal of opinion, and there are those who prefer to take a decision after advice even if they are simple decisions or daily, or repeated.

And human development expert says Ismail Fawzy, that you can overcome the frequency in your life by following these steps:

If you hesitate in every position interviewer, ask yourself these questions, "Why the hesitation?" Do you have experience or information keeps the frequency, frequency, or is it just a lack of familiarity with something? Is it a fear of taking responsibility alone as a result of your choice, your decision, and Bajapetk these questions can know your weak points, and start them to overcome the frequency.

He continues, Ismail said, do not lose confidence in yourself if you encounter a friend or colleague and you said, "Why are you so reluctant?" Then you have the time, determination and maintenance, so you overcoming Altrddk, and take appropriate decisions in a timely manner.

It is suggested Ismail simple experiment can be applied in a practical way from now, if you're going to buy clothes or things of your own, and can not go on your own, but you need to be with you one of your friends or relatives to give you his opinion; try to go alone and take the idea does not buy,Frequency then go Again, you'll find yourself choose the same selection previously,

Ismail indicates that this way you will recognize your taste and what suits you best,Frequency and you can buy what you need without hesitation, and then That experience supports the self-confidence and gradually get rid of the frequency in general.

Healthy breakfast recipes to nourish the skin

There is no more beautiful than to feel young and vibrant skin all the time, which can not be achieved only skincare products, but also a healthy breakfast recipes that gives them what you need vitamins and minerals.

In this regard, we offer you, dear five recipes healthy breakfast the morning contribute to nourish the skin and cure most problems especially wrinkles and spots, and give freshness and beauty.

Egg omelette on the Italian way

This recipe is made from a combination of skin-friendly vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and peppers with eggs and Parmesan cheese. Red tomatoes helps in the treatment of burns to the skin and increase collagen protein that protects the skin from wrinkles and to shield from the drought.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes Ingredients:

Tablespoon grated onion - spoonful of green pepper clip - tablespoon chopped tomatoes - three eggs - 1/2 teaspoon Italian spices - tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese.

Preparing a healthy breakfast recipes:

1 - In a saucepan resistance to paste, put a little food and then put them on the fire medium temperature and my onions, peppers and my heart for two minutes and then add tomatoes.

2 - my heart for a minute, then pour the eggs after خفقه and add spices.

3 - lowering the temperature and using a fork, lift the parties that have matured from eggs to flow underneath the liquid raw. Wait two minutes until completely cooked.

4 - Put the eggs in a dish and then it a little cheese.

Oats, spices and fruits

In addition to being useful for heart health, oats works to improve skin texture and appearance. Instead of cooking oats, sugar which is harmful to the health of the skin, eaten with fruit and spices and honey white. Studies have reported that sugar contributes to the appearance of wrinkled skin.

Plug-and-healthy breakfast recipes:

Kuban and a quarter of water - 2/3 cup oats - 1/8 teaspoon salt - the fruit of apples big cut in small pieces - 3 tablespoons honey - 1/4 cup mussels or Tin dryer - 1/2 tsp Ginger - spoon Bharat pumpkin pie (available in markets) - a little milk.


1 - Put the water in a medium saucepan on the fire and leave until boiling and add oats and salt and leave for 15 minutes, stirring from time to time for a period of 15 minutes.

2 - Add the apples, dates, honey, spices and ginger, stirring, then cover the pot and leave it for 15 minutes until it is ready to eat. Pour in as much as the presentation and my little milk on the surface or waived him by the desire and healthy breakfast recipes.

Kiwi and strawberry drink

Kiwi and strawberry drink a magic way to nourish the skin because it is rich in vitamin "C" who knows his wonderful ability to increase collagen protein and protect the skin from wrinkles and fine lines next to hydrate the body.

Ingredients and recipes healthy breakfast: a cup and a quarter of iced apple juice - banana - kiwi fruit - 5 fruits Strawberry frozen - half tablespoon honey white.

Althouderocefat healthy breakfast: Put the apple juice in a blender and add cut fruit and honey and my job blender for a minute and finally add crushed ice to taste delicious.

Apple pie and walnut

This recipe contains a natural protein and the ratio of healthy fats such as omega-3, which protects the skin from drying out.

Plug-and-healthy breakfast recipes:

Number 2 eggs - the fruit of apples (peeled and cut in small cubes) - 1/4 cup coconut crushed - 1/2 tsp powder - 1/2 cup of Whipped Vanilla French (available in markets) - 1/2 tsp salt - teaspoon cinnamon.

 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

1 - Put a little food in the pan in which they are preparing unleavened bread, taking into account the cover edges.

2 - Mix the dry ingredients first and then add the wet ingredients and Mix the dough well. Then add the apples and walnuts.

2 - Pour the amount of 1/2 cup of batter into the pan and leave to ripen minutes or until golden. Aqlbe pie and leave the other surface of mature then Arfieha in a serving dish.

3 - with a damp napkin oil Grease the skillet again and cook another piece of unleavened bread in the same way. Repeat until you finish the rest of the dough.

4 - Costume of Unleavened Bread drink sugar or, the berries as desired.

Smoothie raspberry, banana and green tea

Scientific studies have shown that green tea acts as a protective skin damage from ultraviolet rays of the sun, as it contains antioxidants which protect the skin from cancer, and the berries it prevents damage to the skin cells.

Plug-and-healthy breakfast recipes:

Three tablespoons water - green tea bag - a spoonful of honey - half cup blueberry iced - 1/2 banana - 3/4 cup milk.

Althouderocefat healthy breakfast:

1 - Heat water in a microwave in a glass then Ogmra by green tea bag and leave three minutes.

2 - remove the tea bag and add a spoonful of honey and water Ovebhe well.

3 - Put the berries, banana, milk and ice cubes in a blender and Chglah a little and add tea to be able to get a suitable texture then put the mixture in a large cup and healthy breakfast recipes.

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Eggplant Roast

Eggplant contains many of the most important vitamins and minerals manganese,eggplant Roast which improves the function
of the thyroid gland and pancreas.

Eggplant is one of the very rich in fiber vegetables,eggplant Roast and fibers have pores act like a sponge cleans all tracks of the digestive tract when ingested, so Valbazngan protect against colon cancer.

 Eggplant Roast-Ingredients

1/2 kilo small eggplant

2 tbsp olive oil

2 Romy pepper, large pieces

1 red hot pepper (optional)

3 garlic cloves, sliced

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

1 tbsp lemon juice

1/4 cup finely chopped green coriander

2 tbsp grated Islands
Vegetables / cheese / bread slices provide


- Heat oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

- Wash eggplant and shoved lengthwise from one side.

- Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat, add the eggplant and leave for about 4 minutes, stirring on the other side.
Eggplant Roast
- Transported in iron oven and set the oven for 10 minutes or until tender.

- Put pepper, chili, garlic in blender, mince until the mixture is smooth.

- Is placed in a deep bowl and season with salt and pepper and cumin, add the lemon juice and the remaining amount of oil,eggplant Roast green coriander, carrots, stirring until eggplant Roast components.

- Stuffed eggplant mixture former, compact in a serving dish,eggplant Roast and serve with fresh vegetables, cheese and bread slices.

nutritional value of foods

nutritional value of foods- Apple:

Moisturizing and easy fruit bowel. Useful in acute inflammatory diseases, pain fever relief, beneficial for the liver, kidneys and bladder, and if the job easy, calm coughs, facilitates secretion of phlegm. It is one of the richest in vitamins and fruits adage says: Take apple day keeps the disease Dom contains vitamins (ab 1 b 2 w) and Apple several directions recipes.

Apple cider vinegar and treatments and fabrication: Apples wash with water, then cut into medium pieces and packaged in ceramic vessels, or a plastic bottle, immediately covered with a piece of cloth, keep in a warm place. For a period of forty five days in yeast after it and pressed and packaged in glass bottles and sealed.

                                                  Nutritional value of foods

Rich in vitamins (awb) contains metallic materials attic percentage such as iron, calcium, copper, a body builder and blood antigen. Figures various treatments described in

                                             Nutritional value of foods

Orange has many benefits as it contains sugar nutrients, iron, phosphorus, vitamins (B 1, 2 b) Bafattiamin not necessary, (d), which helps to install the calcium in the bones

Orange assistant digestion; considered  if consumed by human power, and orange juice after effectively in cases of bleeding, vomiting stop in pregnancy.

It recommends eating oranges, and when patients drink juice. Orange is described in several cases.

                                          Nutritional value of foods

It has the ability to repair tissue is rich in vitamins (A 2 b 2 bbb) and minerals like iron and calcium. And potash. And the match. , Alkrbuhedraúaat and protein. It is also rich in vitamin (s) that takes your drink.



One of the richest fruit vitamins, has been instrumental in building the body. And strengthen and repair tissues; cure many diseases. Contains vitamins (A wb) metals, potash, lime and soda, lime Almagnzaa acid and silica, iron and phosphorus acid.



Nutritious fruit is rich in carbon materials, which gives the body's thermal energy, whenever ripening bananas turning much of Nchaih sugar bananas contain vitamins (wbbb June 2 12 A and D). That banana milk contains elements jamea Mnalkhbz food necessary for human growth

                                                Nutritional value of foods

Red Batkh is a brother. But most useless Aghannah considered relative protein and vitamins, contains vitamins (w 2) and sulfur minerals, phosphorus. Chlorine and soda. And potash, and lime Almaniza. Iron and copper.



It is the first important food for the population of the desert, as a complete food, rich in minerals and vitamins (b 1 b 2 bb), which is rich in phosphorus, as these materials soften strengthens the nerves and blood vessels, moisten intestines.


Some benefits for the health of the plants:

The entire whole food sources. Each clique that specializes in amounts of certain vitamins or minerals or materials other than metals. But if we take the vegetables Bramja should put the needs of the body and food

                                                Nutritional value of foods

Food and medicine at the same time it contains many of the amounts of vitamins. Which is rich in vitamins (A WDBB) and mineral sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and sodium. And potash. And Almngenesm. And calcium. And iron.



They are eaten raw and cooked. The drink, which is rich in vitamins (A w B 1 B 2) Tomatoes contain phosphorus, iron and salt.

Learned from tomatoes for rheumatism and urinary sand. And kidney stones. , Vescico and arthritis. For intestinal Afnat. Indigestion. It helps to put garbage. And Omkavhh constipation and peeling taken. Any Almshalb. Is the item you Tqtts tomato. Slide safe process Help gut. If the stomach moistened. Facilitates the passage of fecal blocks. The juice is the blood and so easily absorbed enters circulation factor of the most important and necessary for restoration.

If we are to address the authority of a rich tomato. You should only add lemon and vinegar. But oil is sufficient without salt and add the garlic and onion

                                                     Nutritional value of foods

(Artichoke) artichoke varieties of vegetables containing vitamins (A, B) and food salts phosphorus Kalmngenaz



Eaten cooked Viatbermhrka appetite before eating an organizer for heart motion and resist fatigue.



Types of vegetables that contain vitamins (A w) and iron and calcium, and a snack before meals aids digestion. He bones tonic and diuretic.



Located in a place that is characterized by all the remaining food. It is also often deadly germs plants eaten raw



Onion Mattel for being a murderer of bacteria, since most of the foods that are eaten raw and cooked, which is exciting appetite tonic and antiseptic, and anthelmintic enters calluses.



Painkiller. Juice is used in the simple case of hepatitis, kidney and urine distillation

                                                     Nutritional value of foods

Laxative gut and delicious



The food has sufficient capacity for nutrition. In the presence of iron elements on the paper. And also contains Alyalkiprit. And the match. And chlorine. Lime. And copper. It is rich in vitamins ((a s w)). And Mtabokhas carried on crude or treating breast diseases sugar juice also is useful in the treatment of jaundice. And urinary calculi. And dysuria.



A symbol of fertility and growth, which contains a complete food. Such as iron and phosphorus. And calcium.



Hassan Green food and delicious fruit. The beans dry Victsp great nutritional value.



Peppermint used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the stomach and digestive tract. Against headaches. It is good taste and smell at the same time. And a lot Houidkhal in lotions because the quality of taste and properties (to mitigate and cooling) are available therein.



The potato is one of the richest food thermal capacity. Considering the content of starch and protein and contain many metals such as iron, calcium and potassium and vitamins (W b)


Ammi sowing:

The seeds of Ammi used to treat angina, heart attacks and relieve the pain of kidney, liver and bladder sewer expansion and ureter to help get rid of the sand and gravel



Khatmiyya flowers are a group of people come to their acquisition and use in drinking water as drinking tea and soothing properties intestine.



Jujube is a fruit that represent dates and figs in their characteristics and qualities described as a case remedy coughing and shortness of breath.



Tilo is rich in every definition. Bashmaha and fragrance are available which sends the joy in the soul.



Sumac trees are grown in abundance in our country and in a number of countries. And the beans such as lentils, beans and a little bigger. And picking in the fall season, provided by rain. In order not to lose its acidity.


India capillary:

Indian frequent widespread presence in India and the fruit is oval shell core Ngfah and size as the grain size, a small olive and cathartic filter is good for the gut.



Licorice plant grows abundantly in the barren land without care or attention. Start the roots of this plant from the ground. Akuma fermented get a little more yellow and then clean the dirt stuck to it and are exported to markets.

                                                              Nutritional value of foods

The work and the fruits of hawthorn flowers to strengthen the heart and calm the agitation of the arteries



Learned from latency to food to stir the appetite and treat cramps and gas expulsion



Thyme is one of the most important food in the morning to be had in our country, an anti to infectious and intestinal. And taken more or honey oil.



Anise is used to prepare many kinds of delicious desserts also introduces mainly in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, especially (race)



Documents used in the treatment of sore throat (gargle) to attend Alobeitran tablespoon and added to a cup and a half of water and boil on the fire and cooled, filtered and gargling gifted



Fragrant fennel plant enters Ajeeh taking a gram of obtaining food tasteful.


Bay leaves:

Laurel boiled tonic for liver health



Teeth Ttehr described wounds and pain relief

                                                               Nutritional value of foods       

Learned mustard seeds to relieve pressure. And Klsqh plant used to relieve pain and blood congestion and congestion of the lungs. And since the patch Vtkhmrha body. And eliminate congestion



Chamomile Plant beautiful shape and grows in fields and prairies, chamomile flowers with white on the top of the head yellowish. And it has a characteristic odor.



Violet flowers are used instead of dry tea, flowers poured amount of boiling water and then sweetened with sugar to wine delicious and useful.



Stored hibiscus flowers dried and used for Kmengah some pathological cases.

Cat Grass: grass cat boiled a small amount of a teaspoon in a cup and a half of water. Y taken in the morning and evening hours after meals for five days in order to cope with the strain of the heart and nerves. And to calm nerves and Kmenom, taken cat grass boiled in half a cup in the afternoon after eating



Custard powder used in the compositions of candy to give you a taste delicious, especially with cakes.



Press used for the treatment of ulcers and chronic diarrhea. And dental erosion



Described Alqntron for malaria treatment and appetite:



Tar is described as a remedy for scabies. Lice and China. And animals anoint him kill all microbes in their bodies.



Cheap ring. Great interest from where you can appreciate the value of gold due to their beneficial therapeutic properties. It is rich in protein and starch and phosphorus. Is similar to fish liver oil. And used by the general public.

Described the ring to the hospital immediately after the situation. To increase the secretion of milk and complaining about the lack of appetite, anemia and Nhlae and mixed with honey ring for people with chronic constipation. For treating breast. And the throat. And coughing. And asthma. And ED.



Vitamins nut (AB) and minerals such as iron, phosphorus and calcium.



Nut is rich in vitamins (AB) described walnut oil for skin disease and people with diabetes.


Castor oil:

Tapped castor oil for the treatment of various diseases and skin lesions them) and Bdlk 20 once in the morning and one at night, so that the oil from going inside for three weeks.


Corn oil:

Corn oil is used to treat colds, asthma, take a tablespoon of it every meal.



The use of boiling sugar oat straw as a medicine against insomnia. Mehdi g violent cough, pertussis and hepatitis g;, gallbladder and renal colic. It is also useful to soothe urinary share episodes.

                                                                Nutritional value of foods

Homs prominently in the tables g is green and eaten cooked and boiled and crushed. Protein contains a nutrient.



Rice is used in all the houses of rich and poor, as it is cheap. And served with all the food and various vegetables.

White rice husk contains potassium, sodium, calcium, manganese, iron and Alqosfor, sulfur and baud. Red Cedar contains vitamins (A and B)



Wheat is one of the oldest known human food is essential for everyone, and material containing potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and silicon.

The food is excellent that the bread is not essential for a person with him and the first ways to take advantage of this is that chewing dry bread and bread easier digestible than fresh bread. Preferably for baking bread so that it is easier to digest.



That wheat barley similar capacity that food is difficult to digest the large amount of fiber and need a strong stomach and a good digestion. Profit Almjhdon and workers and children, is distinguished from wheat including important minerals and lime and potash.

When you need barley flour mixed with wheat flour will be an excellent food, but not acceptable taste like bread made from wheat.

Enter the barley famous beverage processing (Kalberh)



Milk nutrient tonic well, a compound of fatty substances, mineral salts and sugar and lemon, Alsodadiom and iron, phosphorus and vitamins (A w) As the body needs a lot of calcium to eat large quantities of milk and moderately

And better use of milk is best taken in the morning with the addition of some coffee or cocoa or tea it is an ideal food for students and professionals in mind and has a close relationship strongly sexual and male athletes and workers covered.

The most common types of milk and least expensive is the milk of cow's milk is lighter in the stomach for children and Naqhen. Milk is extracted. Milk and cheese Alzerdh.



The oil is extracted from various plants. Olive oil. Cottonseed oil. Oil Alkstq. Sunflower oil. Corn oil. Soybean oil.



It is an essential nutrient for the body and is rich in phosphate minerals, Albatacim, sodium, lime and Almaniza, chlorine, iron is I Albotinat synovial materials



It ((Alkawara))



A good source of protein sources, which is better than the meat of this area



Eggs rights staple food and is very helpful and all its components are Slh absorption. Which is equivalent to meat in the power of food.

The egg yolk contains vitamins (A bbde easier digestible types of eggs is named type (Vimbrst) and enter the Anthem easy boiled fried. Enters the egg in many types of cakes and pastries.

Added to drinking water is provided to the chicken a few vinegar Vicsabha, disease resistance and increases in growth. And then months and applauded when the meat is cooked to cook quick and easy.