Do not give your child milk and cookies before bedtime

May be caused by sleep disorders, colds, chronic cough, constipation in children, a tradition known as the simple diet meal milk and cookies before bedtime, according to the pediatrician Julie Wei of Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando.

In a clinical study with children, often accents Jolie and her colleagues face the above symptoms, and there was no apparent reason for these common symptoms. The conventional treatments did not help mitigate them. But after analyzing these cases, Dr. Wei reached the conclusion that children's eating habits before going to bed are similar. There is always a collection of dairy products and sweets, which cause gastrointestinal reflux. Often exacerbated the situation when the child is in a horizontal position or dealing with his food improperly. As a result, sleep disorders and show the doctors named this case "disorder milk and cookies."

The experiments showed that the stop to give the baby milk and cookies in the evening can improve his health, and alleviate the annoying symptoms that make it temperamental and volatile and not being able to sleep. F


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